Story, Metaphor and Symbolism

Hypnotherapy is all about allowing your imagination to conceive solutions and possibilities. Your job is to start believing it and that's when we can achieve so much.

The language of your mind is your imagination, interpreting the world you live in through metaphor, symbols and the stories you tell yourself. What is this story that you are telling and showing yourself? Is the metaphor of your life a positive or a negative one? What would happen if you changed the story, created a new metaphor and began to tell yourself every waking moment that you can do and have the things you want?

Make Changes Now

Start today to rewrite the story in your head. No matter what your past or even your current situation, the future is an open road not a foregone dead end. So often we let fear of rejection or failure determine our every step. The longer we listen to the same inner voice telling us we 'can't' do something, the more it becomes a fake reality. Allow yourself the freedom to spend a week (or even a day) telling yourself the opposite over and over.

How Can Hyponotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy is not magic. It requires work from you and sometimes a lot of work. It's all about changing that inner voice and beginning to believe in yourself. It's about changing the patterns in your life that reinforce negative beliefs and creating new ones that stimulate inner strength and belief.

What Happens in a Session?

Typically we talk, focussing in on the changes you want or need to make. Then there's a period of 'trancework'. This is the internal processing that involves engaging your imagination and having faith that somewhere inside you is the answer. That faith is the self belief we all need to move forward in our lives. That self belief is what so many of us lack and it's the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

What Conditions or Issues do you Treat?

Fears and Anxiety - from phobias to constant worrying and self doubt

Depression - allow yourself to turn depression around and begin to see the light in your life rather than the dark

Fertility and Birthing - Helping you through the IVF or assisted Fertility process, or negotiating an unexplained infertility diagnosis to helping you to achieve a positive birth

Grief - dealing with guilt, anger, shame, shock and how to learn to live with sadness and loss

I Can't Be Hypnotised

If you can imagine, you can be hypnotised.

If you can learn, you can be hypnotised.

If you focus and think, you can be hypnotised.

Hypnosis within a therapeutic environment is not about mind control and theatrics - that's for the stage and entertainment. I aim to teach you how to recreate the session at home and how to use techniques to empower and enable you.

Hypnosis for Fertility

Whether you are embarking on a course of IVF or other Assisted Fertility treatment, using hypnosis can help with relaxation and dealing with the stress of the treatment. Hypnosis for fertility may also help with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

Sessions focus on creating a fertile body and mind, using relaxation techniques to shift the all encompassing nature of trying to get pregnant and help to bring a sense of balance back to life. Sessions for Assisted Fertility focus on relaxation and visualisations to guide and help you through each stage of the procedure. 

Session Fees