What is Hypnobirthing?



'You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf' - unknown

Hypnobirthing teaches us to take control of the birthing process. Whether you are a low risk mother or planning a C-section, breathing and relaxation techniques can help you to prepare for the birth without fear or tension.



Hypnobirthing is about having a positive experience of birth. When there is communication between mother and birth partner, the mother is able to focus solely on giving birth. Hypnobirthing in New Malden.

Hypnobrithing is about regaining trust in yourselves, in the woman's body and in the whole birthing process.

Reduce Fear



When we reduce the fear, we reduce the muscle tension and birthing becomes far less intense and a struggle.

We have become so conditioned by how birth has been portrayed in films and on TV, that we have begun to lose faith in our bodies.

Private Sessions


Sometimes classes are inappropriate or you feel you would benefit better from a one-to-one session. These can be taken in your own home and really do suit those with high anxiety or medical issues.

The first session introduces hypnobirthing and the techniques. Subsequent sessions look at specific fears, emotions and dealing with any previous trauma, as well as preparation for the birth and the first few weeks.

All Media and Manuals


All mp3s are provided either on CD or as a download. You will have a selection of exercises including breathing exercises.

You are encouraged to think about what makes you relax, from the type of music you want to listen to the environment you want. 

Why I Believe in Hypnobirthing

My Personal Experience

The difference between my two birth experiences is like many other parent's. The first was as far from ideal as you could get and resulted in an emergency C-section. I felt I'd failed and after 4 years of post natal depression, faced a second birth with absolute terror. 

Then I read (or skimmed through) Marie Mongan's Hypnobirthing book. That was all it took to shift some of my expectations and even though I had another emergency section, I left the hospital elated and in a totally different mental space.

Your Experience

Giving birth is an amazing experience that should be celebrated, but unfortunately we're bombarded with images of pain and fear, that one of the first things we need to do is rewrite the story playing in our minds. Partners too, especially men, have been pushed out of the birthing process leaving many feeling fairly impotent. Hypnobirthing brings the partner back into the room and equips both parties with a sense of purpose and power.

After the Birth

Whether this is your first baby or a second or third, what we do when we bring our baby home tends to be fairly low on our list of priorities. I feel strongly that we need to talk about post natal anxiety and depression for both partners. The more awareness and preparation we have, the stronger we become.


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